2 Major Red Flags In Software Engineering Behavioral Interviews

I am a Lead Software Engineer and have conducted many SE interviews.

This is my advice on things to avoid in a behavioral interview.

There are two types at a high level.

1. Don’t be a Jerk

Aggressive behavior, rudeness, and the use of racist or sexist words are all examples of inappropriate behavior.

If they can’t behave in 45 minutes, which short amount of time, then things will get worse in the workplace.

And I can’t believe I have to say this…

But NEVER antagonize your interviewer.

And NEVER bad-mouth your boss or colleagues in an interview.

2. Don’t be Incompatible with the Organization

Preface: this is highly dependant on the organization.

Make sure not to exhibit attitudes that are incompatible with the organization.

For example, refusing to cooperate.

These people don’t take part in constructive conversations since they typically refuse to accept critique (or they do begrudgingly).

They do not act in the best interests of their company.

Execution and implementation are unimportant to them.

They are uninterested in gaining knowledge.

I am a self + Georgia Tech taught full-stack software engineer with a focus on building tier1 products. On rare occasions, I write about whatever is on my mind.